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At Elite Sleep, we get a wide variety of questions related to sleep disorders and the impact they can have on our lives. Sleep is such an important part of our overall health and having the knowledge necessary to understand sleeping disorders is a great first step to reclaiming your sleep cycle. In today’s blog, we wanted to take a bit of a Q&A approach, sharing some of the commonly asked questions we hear and provide our insights. Don’t see your question listed? Send us a message online to get in touch with our staff.

Are Sleep Disorders Curable?

The short answer is: it depends. Mild cases of sleep disorders, such as insomnia and sleepwalking, can be cured after finding a treatment regimen that works for you. Sleep disorders can also be tied to your lifestyle; when stressful situations or unexpected changes to your routine occur, previously treated sleep disorders can begin to re-emerge.

In the case of other sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy, scientists have yet to find the underlying cause of the disorder. In these cases, the sleep disorders can be treated, but not cured until more research reveals more information about how they operate. Still other sleep disorders, such as bedwetting, typically resolve themselves as part of natural human development.

Lastly, sleep disorders such as sleep apnea are often caused by physical attributes, such as an out of place jaw or your tongue falling backwards into your airway at night. In these cases, treatments are necessary, but are often in the form of non-invasive mouthguards or CPAP masks. Some people would consider this a cure, as it’s an addition to their sleeping routines that they have adapted to.

In summary, while not all sleep disorders are curable, they are treatable. It all depends on the type of sleep disorder you have, the severity of the sleep disorder, and what each person defines as a cure.

Are Treatments for Sleep Disorders Expensive?

While some sleep treatments do require medical equipment, many sleep disorders can be resolved by treating underlying health disorders. Think of it like a tree with an extensive root system. The sleep disorder is the tree that is visible to you, but the true cause of many sleep disorders are due to what’s at the root of the issue: an underlying health disorder that has gone undetected.

The possible culprits are plentiful, ranging from something as simple as exercising regularly or changing the type of mattress or pillow you use, to identifying undiagnosed health issues such as diabetes or genetic predispositions in your family tree. In the case of lifestyle changes, those are often simple changes to your everyday routines, but if a deeper health issue is discovered, it may require meeting with a specialist. The team at Elite Sleep is dedicated to your success and will help you understand the options and next steps available to you.

Are Sleep Disorders Difficult to Treat?

Not at all! The first part of treatment is finding the root cause of the sleep disorder, as outlined above. From there, it’s simply a matter of finding what treatment regimen works best for you. Our sleep specialists are highly trained and experienced in this field, allowing us to identify the best potential treatment options for your specific situation.

However, no matter how good your sleep specialist is, it sometimes comes down to a matter of trying a few different ones and finding the best fit. In other cases, a treatment method that has worked previously will stop working, due to a lifestyle or health change, requiring a reassessment to find a new option. In all of these situations, the team at Elite Sleep is here to help you navigate your options and check in periodically to ensure your treatment is still effective and helping you achieve a better sleep cycle.

How Do I Know If I Have a Sleep Disorder?

Due to the wide array of underlying health conditions and lifestyle influences that lead to sleep disorders, it can often be hard to determine if you have a sleep disorder. The best way to find out for sure is to schedule a sleep consultation with our staff at Elite Sleep. After a night at our luxury suite sleep testing facility, we’ll be able to provide you with much needed answers. We’ll meet with you to discuss your results and what treatment options would fit best with your specific case and lifestyle. Send us a message online or give us a call at 425-437-3311 to get back to sleeping soundly through the night.